Optimizing the Knowledge Flow of Organizations

Similarly to weather patterns predicting sunshine and thunderstorms, communication flow permits to predict positive and negative developments in groups of people. Analogously to a weather forecast, Knowledge Flow Optimization is highly valuable as an early warning system, showing high-pressure systems, impending blow-ups, and other relationships in groups hard to obtain by other means.

Knowledge Flow

Business process reengineering forever changed the way how companies do business, introducing a process focus and streamlining structured business processes. Knowledge Flow Optimization does the same for unstructured, knowledge-intensive processes. By visualizing the flow of knowledge, making it transparent, and reengineering its flow, organizations and individuals become more creative, innovative and responsive to change. Knowledge Flow Optimization offers companies a chance to complement their business process maps and organizational charts with much more fluid maps of communication flows. By making the communication flow transparent, business processes can be made more efficient, allowing organizations to make better use of people by freeing them from being buried in conventional multilayer hierarchies and inefficient business processes. By establishing flexible ad hoc workflows based on communication flows, people get more efficient roles, also leading to increased motivation of the individual.

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