Innovation by COIN

Collaborative Innovation Networks (COIN) form from the interaction of like-minded, self-motivated individuals who share the same vision. An innovative idea is pushed forward by charismatic leaders, who assemble a group of highly motivated collaborators. These people join not for immediate monetary reward, but because they share a common vision, and want to be part of the innovation that “will change the world.” These individuals typically bring a broad range of skills and expertise to the COIN and are not necessarily related in terms of the corporate hierarchy, as they work outside of the formal organization. As a result a COIN at work is initially invisible to the organization that hosts it.

Innovation by COIN

COIN have been present in organizations for hundreds of years. What makes them so relevant today is that they have reached their tipping point thanks to the communication capabilities of the Internet, which greatly extends their global reach and lets them spread out at breakneck speed. Three types of communities work together to form an ecosystem of interconnected communities, which we call Collaborative Knowledge Network or CKN: COIN (COllaborative Innovation Networks), CLN (Collaborative Learning Networks), and CIN (Collaborative Interest Networks).

Communication Patterns Screenviews

  • demo img
  • demo img
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Theses screen shots have been produced automatically, analyzing the e-mail traffic of three communities using our CKN tool. Click on the pictures above to watch each flash movie. Click here for a description of the flash movies of each of the communities, click here to download a large flash movie explaining our tool, click here to download our tool.

Internet Startup

Click here to see how the team around an Internet startup forms and gets together. Note the close team of 3 people in the center that develops. (600 KB flash movie)

Large Project Team

Click here to see how a large project team is handling a critical phase in the life of the project. Note the project leader in the center initially at right, then shifting toward the left. Note a team below the project leader closely interacting with each other. (1.1 MB flash movie)

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