Communication in Collaborative Interest Networks

COIN are the nucleus of a set of concentric communities, where each community type is included into the subsequent, larger community. The dissemination of new ideas is very similar to the ripple when a pebble drops into water. Innovations ripple from the innermost COIN circle to the next larger CLN circle, then to the CIN circle, until they reach the rest of the world. This whole ecosystem including COIN, CLN and CIN is called a Collaborative Knowledge Network, or CKN. CKN are the main dissemination mechanism for new innovations coming from COIN.

Communication in CIN

CKN lead to a helix model of open innovation, where a COIN spawns a CLN, which extends to a CIN, which in turns spawns new COIN, which grow into CLN, etc. In principle, this model runs infinitely for all collaborative innovations driven by COIN.

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